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Why Isle of Hope Soap Company?

We sell handcrafted goat milk soap.  Our soap is made in our small soap making cottage on Isle of Hope, Savannah, GA.  Isle of Hope Soap Company started as
 a father-daughter project and is now a family affair.  We wanted to spend quality time together creating something that would be beneficial to us and to others.  We wanted to do something that tapped into our family's creative, caring, and fun loving personality.  Goat milk soap!  

As we went on our quest, there were many things we learned.  We never knew just how bad the commercially produced "body washes" (these are all the items located on your "body wash and hair care" isles of the grocery and drug store chains) were for skin.
If our goat milk soap is great for sensitive skin, just think how great it is for the skin that is tough as nails!  If you have great skin, why not invest in keeping it that way.
Little did we know that the commitment would result in over years of research, formulating, producing, and testing soap!  We wanted to find just the right combinations, ratios, and techniques!  We are sooo glad we took the time!  .... You will be as well.


After pushing through the ups and downs of the process, with tremendous support and encouragement from family and friends (our first VERY satisfied "customers"), we made it to the finish line.  We knew we would need to make our products available to as many people as we could.  We never imagined this little father-daughter bonding project would turn into a successful business.

Now a little about our company name.  Why the name Isle of Hope Soap Company?  Two primary and well-suited reasons.  For one, our products came to life on this amazing coastal Georgia island!  The second lays in the history of Isle of Hope and the name.... "Hope" for something better.

During nearby Savannah's not-infrequent yellow fever epidemics, the island was host to Savannahians fleeing the miasma of the city's fevers.   The island provided Hope for a better and healthier tomorrow for all that were able to get here.

The island's beauty and history has attracted a number of Hollywood film productions, including the Oscar-winning Glory, Forrest Gump, the original Cape Fear, The Last of the Belles, and The Last Song and most recently visits from Adam Sandler and the crew filming The Do Over and one of our favorite of all time Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and crew filming Baywatch.

We believe that people can "hope" for better in all areas of their life.  We think we have products that support that hope and provide a better way to take care of our skin.  At Isle of Hope Soap Company we say our products provide "Goodness for Every Body".

We look forward to you being a part of the Isle of Hope story.